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Collect ray ban sunglasses houston

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  Quality inspection lens
  Looking for a unique color, and not ray ban glasses cost in dark areas than the other. To check for defects in the lens, holding glasses in hand, then look through them at a distance, in a straight line, such as the edge of the door. Slowly moving through the line of the lens. If Straight Edge distortion, more curves or moving, the lens is wrong.
  Special Functions
  Identify cost of ray bans the specific functions you need or want. Such as cars, glasses often have a wide variety of "extra":
  Polarized. Polarized lenses cut reflected glare when the sun bounce smooth surfaces, such as roads or water. Driving, boating or when the snow, which is useful. The polarization is irrelevant UV protection, so you need to ensure that the lens UV absorption.
  Mirror coatings. These thin layers of various metallic coatings can reduce the amount of visible light that enters the eye. They are popular in high-glare environments, when combined with the functions of generalization can provide additional protection of the skin surrounding the eye. UV protection, but not ray ban sunglasses houston guaranteed.
  Gradient. These lenses are permanently shaded from top to bottom or from bottom to top and middle. Single gradient lenses (dark on top and bottom light) can reduce the glare from the sky, but that is clearly following a good drive, for example, instead of in the snow or on the beach to help. Double gradient lenses (top and bottom and a lighter in the middle on black) can be used for motion, in which the light reflected on water or snow, such as sailing or skiing better.
  Photochromic. This is used ray ban sunglasses the type of lens, which can automatically darkens in bright light, and become easier in low-light conditions. Although photochromic lenses may be good UV absorber sunglasses (again, the label must point out), it may take a few minutes to allow them to adapt to different lighting conditions.
  Impact resistance. While all sunglasses must adhere to FDA standards for minimum resistance to impact, shatterproof lens is not true. Plastic lenses are less likely than glass lenses shattering impact. Moreover, polycarbonate plastics, in many sports sunglasses to use more impact-resistant than ordinary plastic, but easily scratched. If you buy polycarbonate lenses, look for ones with a layer of scratch resistant.
  About Security
  Remember, even the best sunglasses can protect your eyes from certain intense light. Welding, tanning lights, SnowFields, or view (even in eclipse) to direct sunlight in need of special how much does ray bans cost protection, in order to prevent damage.